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Combined Resource

working with your project management/operations teams to ensure assets are on site in line with project deadlines. 


Over the years we have worked closely with and continue to work with restaurant groups and main contractors to provide a combined service, to ensure the assets you need to complete a project are there, ready for the date you need them.


We currently work directly and indirectly with Azzurri Group, Boporan Group, Cote Brassiere, Intracat to name some and we provide a variety of services.


  • When they take on new sites, we clear all assets from the site ready for main contractor to start with a clear site

  • New equipment for future projects is delivered direct from Manufacturers into our Gloucestershire warehouse where the condition is checked, then it is stored ready for project start, we control and update the project teams on any late deliveries, we ensure all assets are in stock ready for install date

  • On install date our experienced teams deliver assets to site, place the items as per drawings in place and remove all packaging

  • We asset tag and catalogue all items and report any issues to central operations



The main benefit to you is that you haven’t got to consider about 20 different companies delivering on time, getting access, arranging staff to be there, losing items. It’s all there ready for you.


Like all our services they are bespoke, so there is nothing we cannot do, we sometimes just haven’t done it yet. But give us a brief and we will come back with a solution and proposal.


Something else we do is new assets these are delivered into us, etc bottle coolers, chest freezers and fridges. We will then deliver to you a new unit and remove any old unit for disposal this means there’s no disruption to your operations.

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