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Asset Disposal

When it comes to asset disposal, we believe in trying to recycle, reuse and repurpose the majority of assets we remove from sites that you no longer require. Whether you’re looking for food waste removal services in Gloucestershire or commercial asset removal in Ireland, we can help. Our team of qualified, experienced asset disposal experts is on hand to provide a fast, efficient, and hassle-free waste removal service that works for you. 


Site Closures

At HLS, we have years of experience working with businesses in Gloucestershire and across the UK. We specialise in site clearances and we can remove and safely dispose of whatever assets you require. Our commercial asset disposal services include:


A - Full site strip of all removable assets, food stocks          and rubbish and leave site clear for hand back to          landlord.


B - Removal of rubbish and food stocks only.


C - Removal of food waste only.


D - Removal of assets that have a value then we can          either store these for so for onward distribution or          possibly even purchase them from you via our              sister company. 

E - For Administrators  we can also deal with all ROT          claims.


If we do have to dispose of items, then we are licenced to carry waste and have the relevant waste carrier licenses. We take pride in providing cost-effective waste removal services that benefit our customers as well as the environment and we always reuse and recycle the assets we can and dispose of the rest in accordance with UK laws and regulations. 

For commercial waste removals in Ireland and the UK, the following applies;


Paperwork and confidential waste - Sent to Printwaste recycling for destruction and paperwork obtained. 


Computers - All data wiped and certification obtained. 


Scrap - All via authorised dealers.

Kegs - All returned to distributors. 


Food waste - Sent to a company for use as fuel.


Paper waste - All recycled. 

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